Saturday, July 1, 2017

Let's chill in Bohol

This post has been long sitting in my drafts. I finally got the time to write about our splendid trip we had in Bohol.

It was the time when Kae will be having a short vacation in Philippines and for that reason, we wanted to go on a trip with her. We booked a flight a month prior to our travel date which was around August. We all knew that it was already a rainy season. So we booked in a five-star hotel for we could still enjoy our stay indoor if ever the weather won't permit us to explore Bohol. Everyone agreed to spend our entire trip in Bellevue Resort in Panglao Beach.

Based on our experience, we'd say that the hotel was overrated. The service was just fine, food was lousy and the rooms were not soundproof that we can't even have good laugh without people from the next door complaining.  For the record, that only happened in this hotel. Hence, it was beach front and we did enjoy the beach a lot.

We spent so much time in the beach sipping booze while soaking up our ears into tropical music vibe.  That moment was the kind of vacation I needed perfect, can I just say. It was not like our typical Boracay trip where every night was party and every morning was hangover. Here, it was chilled. 

In our second day, we rented a van and did a whole day tour in Bohol. Our itinerary included Lobo River, where we had a lunch cruise. Man Made forest which I didn't get to take photos of because of the bad weather. Tarsier Encounter, they were really cute! Baclayon Church, which was ruined because of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hits Bohol last 2007. And the beautiful, Chocolate Hills. I am always thrilled seeing things that I used to only studying and seeing in textbooks.

Since the weather was not that good that night, we spent it in our hotel with our favorite past time, wine and genuine laugh.

It was not about being in a luxurious place, because wherever we are, whatever we do, as long as we're together, it is always a great time!

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