Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hangings with girlfriends are times of you being just yourself; endless talk, infinite laughter, boundless shopping, vast picture takings, wakeful nights; planning the next night out, getaways, experiences. Not wishing for anything that could have been but just for the time to stop.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bauch Phils Laboratories : Blooming G

Bauch Phils Laboratories strengthens its commitment in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry with the launch of its flagship product, Blooming G #destino #bauch #event #lauch #beauty | via Instagram

Sunday, February 2, 2014

5 Reasons why Men should be blamed on why Women are being difficult at times

I've been reading a lot of articles/blogs talking about how difficult a woman could be in a relationship. And it’s certainly unfair. Don't you men realize why? Well, I have listed them down for you. And yes, you are very much welcome.

Ladies, lets accept the fact that the first thing that a man would be attracted to is on our physical appearance unless you know each other for a long time. At the beginning, all he knows is you're beautiful and he wants you. And when he got you and you guys start dating that's the time he'll fall in or maybe fall out with your attitude.

Men, you should know the fact that how you treat your partner affects their attitude and behaviour towards you and towards the whole relationship thing that you are both into.

Let me tell you why most women are difficult and hard to please and you maybe consider to blame yourself.

1. Spoiling her

Being a supportive loving partner is different from complying unrestrainedly with her desires. She'll get use to have what she wants without any trouble and brace yourself for a war when she doesn't.

Trust me, she'll love you more when you say NO to whatever unnecessary things she'll like to be having or doing. A woman likes a man that can shut her. Be an alpha male.

2. Taking the blame

I don't understand why most men feel that taking the blame of whatever causes the arguments is the right thing to do. You think it’s sweet? It’s actually more of you being a moron.

Please, when it's her fault do not apologize first. Let her feel sorry. Let her feel your worth. Make her realize her mistakes. If you don't want to look bad, say sorry after she does for not understanding her at first and thank her for accepting her fault. A woman likes a man who has a pride. Don't lose it. 

3. Giving her access to your privacy.

Here's with the trust issues.

Men, you don't have to give her all your passwords to access your social sites or even your phone just to let her know that you are a very loyal partner. Giving her all the access is like giving her all the reasons for you to fight. Because you won't escape the truth that most women are very sensitive or worse insecure that a simple "Hi" or "Hello" from a girlfriend who most of the time would just sell something to you could cause a world war MXXIII. Just be honest. Your partner also needs privacy. Be a man with integrity.

4. Men being stoic.

Not all women claimed to be a clairvoyant. It's always best to let your partner know what you feel. Speak up. Let her know what you have in mind.

Don't spoil her by saying yes to whatever she says especially when you know she’s not right. Don't take the blame to shut her. Explain what's wrong and why she's wrong. Make her understand that your relationship is not just about her. It’s about both of you. It’s about give and take. It’s about how you compromise with things to avoid misunderstandings.  It’s about honesty and trust.

Men, don’t be afraid to talk, don’t be afraid to hurt her by your words, don’t be afraid to complain and don't be afraid to show your feelings because if you don’t, you are giving her all the reasons to be more difficult. Be brave.

5. Men being stupid.

Well it is given that you are truly, madly, deeply in love. But don’t be stupid. Giving her everything just to make her feel love and happy won’t bring you any good. She might even take you for granted for doing so. 
Sweet simple things would be appreciated by woman. A freshly picked flower from somewhere will surely make her day. It’s just like you saying that you are thinking of her every time. Be spontaneous.

Know if she’ll agree to this post because if not she’s not mature enough to understand what is the real meaning of being committed and the difference of love from infatuation. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stop being so stressed out : Year of the Wooden Horse Fortune Cookie says

I went to Solaire Resorts and Casino last night to watch David Pack, former lead of Ambrosia band perform live at the Solaire Grand Ballroom.

During the break, I went out to buy drinks. I was wandering, looking for a store that caters my mood of drink. And there at the pastries counter, this bowl of fortune cookies caught my attention. I remember my last post about what my last year Chinese new year fortune cookie said. And it just so happened that was wearing the same dress I've worn the last time I got my last year's fortune cookie. I am very certain to that because it was my birthday last year.

Sharing my Fortune Cookie message..

"Stop being so stressed out. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, focus on what's going right. " -Fortune Cookie

And here's my 2014 Chinese New Year fortune cookie says :)) #positive #destino #focus | via Instagram


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