Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2013 : Birthday/Chinese New year's fortune cookie says

My last year's birthday was so fortunate as the Chinese New year fell on the same date. I won't share a lot since this happened a year ago already.

During dinner at Sofitel Hotel, we were given our fortune cookies. I hate to admit it but this was my first fortune cookie as I remember correct. The message hit me. Bullseye. Goal. Strike. like it knows what I've been dealing with at that time. But this message helped me indeed. I'll surely grab another one for this coming Chinese New year and share with you again.

What my last Birthday/Chinese New year's fortune cookie says :) Let's see what would be for this year! 😊 #destino #fortune #cookie #Chinese #newyear | via Instagram

Friday, January 17, 2014

A very should be!

Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class :)

 #classiore #destino | via Instagram

Mini Heart Attack!

I know it's not just me who's having a mini heart attack when reading the last word that ends the story of the book. It's like holding onto your last breath that if released, would probably end your life. And that you wouldn't want to happen.

Just sharing my newly downloaded ebooks!

Pan de Donut: The true Pinoy doughnut is now baking at Pan de Manila

We cannot escape the fact that Filipinos are indeed bread lover from having pan de sal for breakfast to having doughnuts for random cravings and pleasures. And I am just certainly excited to share this to everyone!

You could now have your desire pleasure not-in-guilt but in a healthier and better option as the country’s well-loved bakery chain Pan de Manila brought back the beauty of tradition way of bread-making-creates its own delectable version to an all-time favorite with its special Pan de Donuts. 

Bring back the old tastes in its exciting Filipino-inspired flavors such as Polvoron Crumble, Piling Pili, 

Cocojammers, Ubelicious, and Chocnut Crumble, and etc

Pan de Manila’s new Pan de Donuts are definitely attracting attention as it combines two of Pinoys’ well-loved pastry items -– the pan de sal and the doughnut.  This early, the Pan de Donuts are fast becoming the must-try for foodies in 2014!   Baked to goodness perfection, the Pan de Donuts are bromate-and trans-fat free, thus expect a mouthful of soft, filling bread that is guaranteed healthy in every bite.

The Pan de Donut is also a great gift idea as it comes in vibrantly colorful boxes which feature a “window” where the recipient can see all the wonderful flavors.

Pan de Donuts Prices in BOX:

Box of 2pcs :     80php
Box of 4pcs :    140php
Box of 6pcs :    180php
Box of 12pcs :  320php

Pan de Donuts’ new flavors exclusively at Pan de Manila Market! Market! Taguig branch and Telus building, Cubao. Soon, more Pan de Donuts will be baking in other selected Pan de Manila stores in the metro.  Besides the latest donut offerings, bread fans can expect more bountiful surprises churning out hot off Pan de Manila’s oven, welcoming 2014 with exciting new breads and perfect partner spreads that will delight your breakfast table or impress your guests on different occasions.

Personalized Design Donut :) 

Pan de Manila now has 153 outlets, with presence in Manila, North and South Luzon and most recently in Cebu and Iloilo. For product updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram: pandemanilaofficial.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Pan de Donut at Pan de Manila

Indulge to these new products of Pan de Manila called "Pan de Donuts" @pandemanilaofficial #pandemanila #donut #destino #event | via Instagram


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