Monday, June 24, 2013


Who would not say Thank God it’s Monday?

It’s Monday, and I usually have it as my off from work. My friend Aylin gave me an Eat-all-you-can Dim sum gift certificate for two from Red Lantern which can only be availed during weekdays (11:30-15:00). She gave it to me since she won’t be able to use it because of conflict on her schedule at work. Lucky me to have a Monday off!

Well then, I asked my Aunt Ethel if she can go with me in Solaire Resort and Casino (near Mall of Asia) to have it claimed (of course who would not want to? Lol. She replied.) And I felt buoyant and relieved. So I made reservation for two, timed at 1:00 pm the same day.

As we walked inside, my eyes swept the entire room as their ambiance knocked me out on silence.  I looked at Aunt and I saw her eyes gleaming, as if she’s really impressed with the vibes. Shame on me I didn't take a lot of good photos, which made me wanted to come back (aside from the food I haven’t tasted yet).

Our server Karen was introduced to us by the girl at the front desk who accompanied us to where we should be seated. Their staffs were really accommodating and gracious. Karen gave us the list of options and I tried to read them all but I ended up asking her for their best sellers. Reading them was just a waste of time and effort.

Ordering of food was made easy as you just have to check the box of your desire. The list was categorized into 7 groups which were; SOUP, STEAMED, RICE ROLLS, CONGEE, DEEP FRIED, NOODLES & RICE and DESSERT.

We were not that hungry to have a soup for appetizer instead we went straight to the steamed. 

For the steamed, we got Shrimp dumplings with coriander and water chestnuts (har kau), Steamed Pork Dumpling ‘Siew Mai’, Glutinous rice with chicken and salted egg in lotus leaf (which I didn’t get to take photos of), Steamed Chicken feet with X.O. sauce and Steamed pork ribs with black beans. Everything was really good and perfectly cooked they are a must to try.

We had Shrimp and Parsley from the Rice Rolls, Auntie said it was good but I did not like it. I found it lousy or maybe I just don’t like it saucy.

Their Congee of the day was Chicken and Mushrooms and so we had one.

 I felt sick when I tasted this Congee. Each just actually had a scoop of it and never returns for another.  I bet it’s good together with the steamed pork ribs with black bean (will try that when I get back).

Here’s to my favourite group, Deep Fried.

From the Deep Fried, Karen suggested everything we had. Prawn and cuttlefish with almond flakes and thyme was a mind blowing dish. Who would think that inside of that almond flakes were prawn and cuttlefish? I wouldn’t. Good thing they don’t have the picture of each in the menu because I will surely not get that thing! But, hellya! That was an excellent dish. The oven baked egg tartlets were indulging, it’s not that sweet and it was rightly baked. And the mouth watering Karatifi Roll with avocado was my favourite of them all. IT IS TO DIE FOR! To that was the only dish that I had to order twice (and craving for it right now).   

*Chilled osmanthus flower and wolfberry with Aloe Vera

*Chilled grass jelly with longan

We had Chilled osmanthus flower and wolfberry with Aloe Vera and Chilled grass jelly with longan for dessert both were lip-smacking but I enjoyed having this Aloe Vera jelly in sweet floral syrup more than the grass jelly with longan. Even Auntie felt the same thing.

Personally, I did enjoy the food, the service and the ambiance and would probably go back there soon.

Red Lantern
Solaire Resort and Casino
Entertainment City
(Near SM Mall of Asia) Pasay 

telephone: +632-888-8888


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