Friday, April 26, 2013

Glimpse of Summer

Beach, sunnies, mini shorts, tank tops, sunblock, flip flops ?  Yes! Summer has yet to come and we want to get ready for it!

Classiore joined the SuperSale Summer Edition 2013 bazaar for the first time that was held last March 1-3, 2013 at the World Trade Center! The girls (Yani, Aylin, Kae, Tin) and I were really excited about this event, because we’ll not just be a bazaar goers but we are joining the bazaar as we are placing a booth for Classiore “YEHEY!”.

One week preparation on this was not a good idea for us have to rushed everything from the supplies to the booth materials, to the schedules and etc!  

We went to World Trade Center a night before the first day of bazaar to set up our booth. Seeing others booth was a huge embarrassment to us as we didn't get to buy a tent for our booth and a banner to put at least instead, we only have a small table for our accessories to display, one clothes rack and a chair, and this is how careless were we. We did not expect that it will be that big event for us so “PANIC MODE: ON”.

To our surprise,  first day went well as we got to sell a lot of stuffs even our booth was not that pleasing and inviting for people to come yet our persuasiveness does and not to mention our colorful and head turners accessories. We were celebrating like “yeah! We’re rich men!”, but at the back our minds there’s still two more days that we have to last, so pray!

We just got so lucky that we get to buy a tent and we also get to print a banner on our second day to invite more people 

On the last day, we've decided not to buy so much stuff to sell as it was the last day plus a bad weather went along. But I think that was not a good decision since people still came in for the last day of the bazaar not to mind the bad weather.

And yes, finally we made it till the last day of bazaar! We could say that it was a huge success! May we continue to give our customers satisfaction. Ladies, remember that BEAUTY REMAINS IN STYLE.

Thank you so much for your support, until our next bazaar ladies!

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