Saturday, July 1, 2017

Let's chill in Bohol

This post has been long sitting in my drafts. I finally got the time to write about our splendid trip we had in Bohol.

It was the time when Kae will be having a short vacation in Philippines and for that reason, we wanted to go on a trip with her. We booked a flight a month prior to our travel date which was around August. We all knew that it was already a rainy season. So we booked in a five-star hotel for we could still enjoy our stay indoor if ever the weather won't permit us to explore Bohol. Everyone agreed to spend our entire trip in Bellevue Resort in Panglao Beach.

Based on our experience, we'd say that the hotel was overrated. The service was just fine, food was lousy and the rooms were not soundproof that we can't even have good laugh without people from the next door complaining.  For the record, that only happened in this hotel. Hence, it was beach front and we did enjoy the beach a lot.

We spent so much time in the beach sipping booze while soaking up our ears into tropical music vibe.  That moment was the kind of vacation I needed perfect, can I just say. It was not like our typical Boracay trip where every night was party and every morning was hangover. Here, it was chilled. 

In our second day, we rented a van and did a whole day tour in Bohol. Our itinerary included Lobo River, where we had a lunch cruise. Man Made forest which I didn't get to take photos of because of the bad weather. Tarsier Encounter, they were really cute! Baclayon Church, which was ruined because of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hits Bohol last 2007. And the beautiful, Chocolate Hills. I am always thrilled seeing things that I used to only studying and seeing in textbooks.

Since the weather was not that good that night, we spent it in our hotel with our favorite past time, wine and genuine laugh.

It was not about being in a luxurious place, because wherever we are, whatever we do, as long as we're together, it is always a great time!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Boracay Love

It's been years since the last time I wrote in this blog. And there were a lot that happened in between. I didn't know where to start but since summer has just ended, and for the reason that I may not come visit this year, I decided to share my Boracay trips.

I remember how I fell head over heals in love at first sight for Boracay. It was sunny. The weather was perfect. I smelt the beach while listening to its waves. Everyone was seemingly light and happy. And in a snap, there, I was in love. From then, Boracay has been my sweet escape.

Boracay 2013 : Love at first sight

Feeling the vibe yet?

I'm not sure if this was taken during our first day in Boracay though. 

We stayed at The Boracay Gardens. Which is now called The Henan Resort. Personally, I loved everything about this hotel from the services to the amenities to the facilities and to the food. I do recommend this hotel to everyone especially when traveling with a group or with a family.

When flower crown was a total hype in Manila and so we made our own and brought it to the island. I still remember when we were walking at the shore wearing our flower crowns, it was an eye catcher. There were even girls that asked where they can find one. 

Partying will always be a part of Boracay trip. I'm recalling these guys from remembering us because of the flower crown we've worn during the day. (those flower crowns really made a scene ;)) 

And of course, who would miss the sunset in Boracay?

There were a lot I've missed during this visit. And one of those that I would like to highlight was that I never got to touched the beach not even a damp on my feet.

 Boracay 2014 : It was sweeter the second time around

We were all excited because Yani joined in this year's Boracay trip. For this year's goal was to just have fun and more fun! :D

We stayed at Boracay Mandarin Hotel.  

This was the view from our hotel room. And ooh that tropical vibe! 

In every travel we do together, it has been a habit to take photos in the bed, and we call it BEDSCENES! this was the "expectation"

while this was the "reality" :D 

and of course, by the shore.
who doesn't love summer color?

What is going to the beach without swimwear shots?

And because we wouldn't pass bar hoping, Pubcrawl was on list!!! 

there were some nights we spent in the pub, mingled with other people and be friends with them. But this night, we agreed to spent it in our hotel and had "girlstalk".

Noticed that I do not have so much photos in my first trip to Boracay, and so I told myself that this year, I'd have a lot.
And this was us in our maxis. 

It wouldn't be complete without staring this beautiful sunset. 

As this time, my feet got to feel the water.  But I still didn't swim.

Boracay 2015: Crazy in LaB-oracay

We decided to spent Labor Day in Boracay and it was ridiculously crazy and fun! For the past years that I have visited the island, it was never been this wild. The crowd was huge that you wouldn't help walking without bumping anyone. I've also seen a lot of friends and it felt like it was a reunion.

LaBoracay is by far my most favorite Boracay experience. I had so much fun that I didn't get to take a lot of good photos :D but it was alright, I always keep the good memories in my mind anyway.

Coconut Trees are indeed a summer accessories LOL!

Red and Yellow for today :D

Incomplete without our Kae Kae :(

There were endless activities happens during Labor Day and it so happened that it was also the day of the fight of Manny Pacquiao.

We were ready to cheer for Manny comfortably in our hotel room (Uptown Hotel)  when suddenly the cable got disconnected and we had to come down running to watch it in the big screen. 

We were surprised to see this crowd. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing to cheer for Manny. I admire how we Filipinos unite to support our countrymen. It was a sad ending though.

There were booths and games to be found everywhere. 

There were parties in every corner. I am not quite sure if I drank water that entire stay 'cause booze were in the air. LOL!

Stage set up for #Laboracay2015

Because this night, everything was a blurrrrrr! 

This year, we passed joining Pubcrawl and joined a different activity called Ariel's Point where we did activities such as cliff diving, snorkeling and kayaking. Since there were a lot of parties happening we didn't see the purpose of Pubcrawl for that occasion.

They were serving alcohol on the way to the cliff diving area for a kick off. Who wouldn't say no to that? I did not.

Lunch, snacks and unlimited drinks (alcohol were included) were served. 

This was my first attempt of cliff diving. There were 3M, 5M, 8M and 15M. I did the 5M and the 15M once for both. After the 5M, I felt that I can do jump from the highest cliff (thanks to the unlimited alcohol). Well, I was right, without having hesitations, I jumped but when I hit the water it hurts that I thought I was going to be invalid. I fell the wrong way and got bruises. My mom even thought I joined a fraternity and got paddled from hazing. From then, I never tried cliff diving again. 
View from the cliff.

And for the night starter, a glamorous view of this!

As for my previous visits, I never swim in the beach. This time since I jumped off from the cliff I felt
the water but it was not in the Boracay beach.

Boracay 2016: 'Til death do us part

Happy Silver Anniversary Sweethearts! Yes, I went with my family for the 1st time to celebrate my parents 25th anniversary. Never in my entire life I imagined myself in Boracay with my family around.

It was a total different experience from my previous visits. In this year, parties, alcohol and hot guys were hardly ignored. Seriously, this was the most boring yet full of love trip I had in this island. But I only have random photos left in my drive to share though.

Yeah, it was in October. Good thing it was sunny.

Sunny AF!!!

with my best enemy <3 (sister)

when your enemies are best friends :D  (brother and sister)

I don't know where our photos went but these were all I have!

Definitely, I wouldn't have photos swimming in the beach because, I never wanted to do that for I will always have reason to come back. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Innovation White : White Party!

DJ Khoma and DJ Jochen Miller during pres conference.

Awesome white party with awesome friends and awesome DJs!

Bigfish is known to throwing awesome-ST party in Metro where they invite the biggest names in DJs' world!


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